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SEI CMM and CMMI Certification Support

Getting your organization to CMM or CMMI Level 3 or more is becoming mandatory to win business in the IT arena, especially in the government sector. For mid to large organizations the cost is easily running into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most of this cost is in the preparation process to train staff; to create project and process repositories complying to CMM/CMMI; and to monitor compliance to activities. We have been mentoring organizations in the process area for over a decade. We can reduce the cost of your CMM effort drastically. Here are some of our CMM service offerings.

CMM and CMMI Training (1/2 Day)

We will provide executive and technical training to demystify SEI CMM concepts. Our training will cover:

  • CMM and CMMI: history
  • CMM and CMMI Levels (1 through 5)
  • CMM Key Process Areas (KPA), CMMI Process Areas (PA)
  • Building Blocks: process areas, goals, and practices
  • CMM and CMMI: comparison and contrast
  • CMM Assessment (internal) and Appraisal (external) process
  • Key Strategies towards meeting CMM/CMMI goals

CMM/CMMI Instrumentation (2 to 6 months depending on organization size)

An appraisal from a SEI CMM Lead Assessor is a necessary step towards CMM compliance. To ensure that the appraisal is cost effective, we help you with an inexpensive pre-gap analysis. After pre-gap analysis we will create the CMM engine for your organization by providing document templates, procedures, and recommendations to get your organization CMM Assessment ready. We will employ a customized process based on RUP and/or XP. As an option we will automate CMM compliance tools such as Processmax to automate your CMM workflow, resulting in tremendous cost savings.


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