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Reston, Va., November 11, 2003 - Silicon Spirit Consulting Group, Inc., a global business and IT consulting firm, today announced that Mr. Arnold Sanow, a nationally known industry expert, has joined Silicon Spirit as Vice President of the People Development Division.

"Silicon Spirit takes great pride in working with clients to strike the right balance between people, process, and technology to meet all IT commitments in a timely fashion. Equipped with Arnold's past experience, Silicon Spirit will now be able to offer client CIOs services such as Internal and External Customer Service Training, Individual and Organizational Performance, "Get Along" strategies, People Skills, Corporate Retreat Facilitation, Oral Proposal Presentation Training, Organizational Mission Statement Development, IT Strategy Development, and Business Case Development." Said Ani Dutta, President & CEO of Silicon Spirit.

"I am very excited to join Silicon Spirit to help them maximize gains for their IT clients. People make technologies succeed, not the other way around. In fact according to a Harvard and Stanford University study only 15% of a persons success will be due to their technical skills and 85% relates to their emotional intelligence, ability to get along, presentation skills, understanding of others and overall communication skills. Although you have to be technically competent, if you want a positive, productive and profitable company you can't overlook the people skills factor." Said Arnold Sanow.

About Arnold Sanow

Arnold has delivered over 2,500 paid presentations to over 500 companies, organizations and associations worldwide. He is the author/co-author of five books to include, "Marketing Boot Camp", "Get Along with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime" and the "Charisma Card Deck" and is a frequent guest in the media to include, the CBS evening news, USA Today, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, etc. He was previously an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. He can be reached at asanow@siliconspirit.com.

About Silicon Spirit

Silicon Spirit is a premier business and IT consulting firm to the government, financial services, and the telecommunications sector. Silicon Spirit combines its keen awareness of client business drivers coupled with a proven software methodology from Silicon Spirit's Center of Excellence (SSCOE) to ensure it's 100 percent on time and on budget delivery record.

Silicon Spirit specializes in Web services based systems integration, Enterprise Architecture, SEI/CMM driven process engineering, and Professional Services. Silicon Spirit applies both proprietary and partner technologies, and provides solutions through business consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing. Founded in 1991, Silicon Spirit is headquartered in Reston, Va.. For detailed information about Silicon Spirit, please visit http://www.siliconspirit.com

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