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SOA Web-Services For E-Gov

Silicon Spirit has highly invested in its SOA Web Services offering to help you implement the E-Government initiative, Goverrnment information portals, and systems integration components for enterprise architecture. In the last year or so, SOA web services have become a popular choice for system-to-system integration. However, for web service based systems to become reality some key technology gaps such as security, performance, and system management have to be addressed. Silicon Spirit provides the soup to nut approach of implementing web services spanning from business modeling to full blown deployment. Our services include:

SOA web services Assessment & Strategy

We help you formulate a strategy that leverages the SOA web services architecture based on a well-defined ROI. As part of these services, Silicon Spirit will provide an assessment report coupled with a live SOA web services Prototype. This prototype will demonstrate business value & ease of implementation so that an enterprise can take the next appropriate steps. As part of the prototype effort we assist with choosing the appropriate vendor product from the leaders such as BEA WebLogic, Oracle 9IAS, IBM Websphere.

Legacy Integration with SOA web services

Silicon Spirit offers services to transform existing applications such as ERP, CRM, SCM, Document Management, Knowledge Management and legacy systems into application SOA web services. This is the first step towards achieving complete Internal Business Process Integration (IBPI) & External Business Process Integration (EBPI), leveraging the SOA web services architecture.

Web Service Implementation from scratch.

Using our project jumpstart service we help you come up with analysis, architecture, and design artifacts followed by implementation. We design customized security, performance, and system management modules to address gaps in the current SOA web services standard.

SOA web services E-Gov Framework.

As a government agency you have mandates to share information with the general public. We can help you with agency portals, web service integration toolkits, and EAI customization. We can help you go paperless by building a documentation service framework using technologies such as SAAJ (SOAP with attachments).

Performance & Tuning

Perhaps the biggest challenge with evolving and emerging technologies is to ensure consistent and superior performance. The abstraction layer brought in by SOA web services demands additional processing and expertise. This often results in an inconsistent performance. Silicon Spirit has extensive experience with various SOA web services platforms and architectures, in both lab and production environments. This helps us deliver superior performance and tuning services to our clients.

Technologies and Development Approach

Java & XML

We have established a strong understanding of J2EE application servers. Silicon Spirit's Center of Excellence (SSCOE) is continually conducting detailed experimentation with recently released Java APIs that provide integral support for XML.


Silicon Spirit has expertise in BEA WebLogic Application server 7.0, which supports SOA web services through implementation of SOAP & WSDL.


Silicon Spirit is an IBM Partner and has expertise on WebSphere Advanced Application Server version 4.0, which supports SOA web services development through SOAP, WSDL & UDDI.

Microsoft .NET Framework

Silicon Spirit has established a competency center to excel in building SOA web services architecture based applications using Microsoft's .NET framework. We have expertise in C#, Common Language Runtime, VB.NET, ASP.NET, COM/COM+, SOAP and .NET Enterprise servers such as BizTalk. Silicon Spirit Application Architecture Lab is currently evaluating technology standards such as XLANG and HIS from Microsoft.


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